Saturday, March 8, 2014

Holy Crap?

Some religious institutions teach that holy men must intercede for us in our quest for some greater afterlife. They teach that we must follow without question. Some even teach that these holy men must absolve our sins or we cannot reach heaven. They have some special authority - a closer connection with God - and are uniquely qualified to present a ticket to heaven.
And so I wonder, what if what they teach is not exactly true? If we follow and accept wrong teachings without question, who is held accountable? Are we all equally doomed?
What if the holy man absolving our sin at the last moment is actually not closer to God? What if they are actually really messed up? Like pedophiles or something. Does that then mean there is no absolving that happens? Does that mean everyone who believed them is now actually doomed?
How do we figure out who is an actual holy man? Is following a holy man actually the same as idolatry? How do we determine if it's holy or holy crap?
This holy business seems pretty scary.

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