Friday, March 7, 2014

Memory Jog

My memory seems to have some odd ways of association these days. I will see someone I have not seen in a while and know the first letter of their name but it takes a while to know the rest. But yesterday the mind jog went a new direction.
I saw a woman I graduated with - let's just say decades ago. While standing in line at the store, I got a glimpse of her behind me. My mind started racing. 'What's her name? Oh, her cousin's name was Daphne. What was Daphne's last name? No matter, it was not the same. Oh wait - her last name was Johnson. What was her first name? Daphne's cousin. What was Daphne's last name? Oh, no matter was not the same. Johnson. Johnson. What was her first name? Oh, yes, that's it.'
And I turned around and said hello. She looked totally baffled. I had to re-introduce myself. Then I felt so much better that I could not remember her name. We chatted briefly and off I went.
Crossing the street, I suddenly remembered Daphne's last name.
Oh boy, what are these next years going to be like?

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