Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spiritual Journey?

What is a spiritual journey? For me, it is being mindful of the energy I carry and create in everything I do and say. It is how I live and determining to live with purpose in all ways and in all things. It's not a religion or a Sunday practice or a "when people are looking" kind of journey. It is a connection with all things, all people, all creation and that greater power that many call God.
I seek spiritual truths. These are laws that are undeniably correct. A spiritual truth from the source of creation brings abundance, love, joy, and overflows with more and more positive outcomes. There are dark spiritual truths. There is a spiritual path that leads to destruction, damnation, separation. Many churches teach that path. Listen closely. Our thoughts have power. Our words have power. Our deeds have power. Every thought, every word, every deed creates an energy that ripples out.
Today I read about relationships. When we say a negative thing about someone, we need 10 blessings to overcome that negative thing we said. We need to say - believe - think about 10 things that are blessings to overcome that one negative thing we said otherwise we are causing destruction in that relationship. It stunned me a moment. Whoa - 10 to 1 - why? If I say or do one negative thing, why does it take 10 positive to offset it?
Suddenly I saw myself in my little 15 foot backyard pool. I like to run in a circle around the side creating a whirlpool. After a while, I turn around and run against that current to change the direction. As I turn against the current it is very hard - 10 times the effort - until I can get the current going the other way - then it carries me.
I want everything I think, say and do to carry me in the direction I want to go. If I judge another harshly - so too will I be judged. Whatever I do to another will be done to me. We have heard these things no matter our religious teachings. This is spiritual truth.
For the rest of my days, this will be my journey - to make the whirlpool go in the positive direction - the direction that leads to joy, abundance for all, love for all and generates empowerment for all. As I feed my spirit, I will share freely and urge you all to feed yours.

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  1. 10 to 1 is amazing but definitely a truth. Very beautiful article. Thanks for sharing, Linda!