Thursday, March 13, 2014

Seek the Best in one another

There is one directive we have been given that may be the most difficult; "Love one another."
It is not just "love people who are like you" or "love people who are nice to you" or love people that think like you" - it is "Love one another." Honor your family. Love your enemy. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
It's really easy to love people who are like you, believe the same things and share the same path. But what do you do with people you don't trust, don't believe are walking the same path or even who are very alien to your deepest values? We all face that difficult challenge and it can really throw us off the path of love.
Not long ago I faced this. I was faced with needing to deal regularly with a person I did not trust, felt had very different values and that I would prefer not to have to deal with on a regular basis. I began to complain about it a lot. One day my best friend asked a simple question, "what does he do better than you?'
It changed my entire perspective. I began to look for our common ground and more importantly, the gifts he has. As I sought his gifts and strengths, I grew.
Love is about believing in something more - something bigger. There is always something that another person does better than we do. We need to look for that. When we discover that about one another, we grow to love one another for those gifts. As we recognize one another for the gifts we each offer, our relationships build into something greater.
Yes, stick to your values. Yes, express real concerns. But don't let yourself be driven by the negative. Seek love and you will find it by seeking the best in one another.

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