Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stand out, Stand up or Stand down?

Over the course of time we learn who will Stand out, Stand up, or Stand down in our lives and in our community. There is a great mixture. Some who stood up, stand out because they stood down. Some who stand out are those who stood up. Some stand out because they knew when to stand up and when to stand down.
We remember those who stood out for some reason - up or down. We remember the big idea people. When someone is offering a new idea, we often remember the big idea people that stand out but went down. Any time I hear "somebody should," I am full of questions. Why? Who? How? When I hear "nobody is", I ask Why not? How? Who? It stands out because they stood up to raise the issue.
Ideas are the lifeblood. Ideas are so very valuable but only so if they are properly nurtured. That's the vision. It is crucial but no idea takes flight without wings. Why? Who? How? What? Where? When?
The most significant things have happened when someone stood up, stood out and did not stand down. They stood steadfast. They made a path. They drew followers. The path grew. Stand up. Stand out. Then lead the march. Let others stand out and stand up. What always stands out is what lifted us all the most.

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