Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Rhetoric of Motives

Motives matter.
In any good crime drama, motive is the thing that captures attention. In an unsolved mystery, who had the motive to commit the crime? Why was someone murdered? Who had motive?
There is a motive behind everything we do. Motives matter. When we look to history we are most inspired by those whose motivations were not focused on themselves but rather toward leaving a legacy of betterment for many. Those who have created riches or sought power for themselves but left no legacy of betterment for many are lost in history or distained in history. We are most in admiration of those who sacrificed much to create something much better. Motives matter.
History is not kind to those who may have meant well but did great harm. History has a way of sorting truth from fiction. Time has a way of sorting things out. We see outcomes - in time. History has a way of bringing motives to the surface. Motives matter.
The two greatest motives that derail potential for greater good are power and greed. History should tell us if a person seeks great wealth and unquestioned authority, they will not work for the greater good. Motives matter.
Our rhetoric reveals our motives. A theme will carry through. Watch for the rhetoric that reveals the motives of power and greed. These motives matter and they will not serve a greater good.

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