Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Suck it up"

Debating crowd sizes, who are the biggest hypocrites, or who is the nastiest, is wasted energy.
Without great fanfare, without creating personal drama, simply make your voice heard where it counts. Pay attention to the issues being acted upon in Congress, in State Legislation and in local government. Talk about issues that matter.
Call your congressmen every day at 202-225-3121 and let them know how you feel about specific issues that are being debated and soon come up for vote. Our legislators are not likely following Facebook and Twitter to determine what their constituents want. Emails and signing petitions won't have near the impact that actually calling will have.
Don't worry about the trivial stuff. Get focused and get active. Be clear, concise and respectful. Talk personally with your friends about it. Build informal alliances. Inform one another about what the congressional office had to say.
We saw the first action of the GOP to remove the power of the Ethics Office overturned due to collective outrage expressed by phone to Congress. My guess is that many of those calls included Republicans as well as Democrats.
Much of the anger and frustration felt by people of all political persuasion is due to a feeling of not being heard. The answer is to be heard by the people who are making the political decisions.
Telling me how you feel or what you think has no power at all even if I agree with you. Voting every few years is great but needs to be followed by ensuring your representative is actually acting on your behalf.
Don't "suck it up and shut up"! Suck it up and get focused. Get educated and get actively involved in the conversation. Don't wait to see if they will do a good job. There are important issue on the table.
202-225-3121!!! This is the general number for congress.
If you don't know who your representatives are, tell the operator your zip code. They will connect you to your representatives.

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