Friday, January 13, 2017

Will you March?

Throughout our lifetimes we see historic moments unfold. . I was an observer. I remember the watching the aftermath of the Kennedy Assassination. I remember watching the news and seeing the footage of the civil rights movement as it was unfolding in the late 60's. I remember. I remember watching the news stories of the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr, of Robert Kennedy, of Harvey Milks. I remember.
I remember the the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment and the feminist marches of the 70's seeking women's equality. I remember. I remember why Roe Vs Wade was important. I remember why Planned Parenthood mattered. I remember.
I remember the Stone Wall Riots. I remember the decade sthat followed and the transformative years I experienced with many others. I remember.
In terms of civil rights, women's rights and LGBT rights, - ANY "minority rights" - the supposed majority most wants to silence the voices. We need to UNITE! We need to unite around the central issue of being heard. It's WOMEN who can make that difference because we are not actually a minority or an actually minority voice. We can - we CAN - lead the charge toward a better way. We have a majority. We actually have greater power. We need to use it now more than ever. We remember. We know. We have great potential for influence. This is our time.
I will march with women. It's time to march. It's time to share our collective memory.
I did not march for civil rights. I was a little too young. I did not march for women's rights - again a little too young and timid. I did not march for LGBT rights - again too timid. NOW I want to march for all. I will March. I will March.

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