Monday, November 30, 2015

Create - Gotcha!

Buzz words, superlatives and "gotchas" get us in so much trouble. Rather than trying to come to understanding and reaching agreement, we want to end the discussion - end the debate - get the "win".
Grey area is hard. Finding common ground along a spectrum is hard work. It really isn't either/or in this world unless you want to walk alone. It's about finding a path we can work on together. It's about seeking something - together. Working together toward something - working outside of our comfort zones - is how we all grow toward something much greater than we could have ever found alone.
Here's the important part. If someone wants to nail your feet down in place or walk you backward, don't let them! Looking back is fine. Going back is lost momentum.  It means nothing is being created. Why stop creating?
And why would you want to nail anyone in place? Why would you walk backward? Don't!! Look back to appreciate how far you have come. Imagine how far you can go. Create! Believe in that same energy that brought you this far.
Appreciate - get ready for the growth that comes in the understanding more. Delete the buzz words, superlatives and "gotchas".  Understand. Discuss. Debate.  CREATE!

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