Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Bitter Branch You Chew...

There is too much anger in the world. Anger grows out of frustration and resentment. All too often we see it grow into violence. For some reason, anger and fundamentalism seem to make great partners. They use violence to dominate the heretics or the infidels. It works for a time until violence overtakes their domination and on and on and on it goes. Seeds of hatred and anger are constantly planted and watered.
Every so often a great leader and a great teacher emerges to say we can overcome domination with love and compassion. We can stand strong in a non-violent way. But it is not the easy path. It takes much discipline and a very clear vision. It requires a long term commitment. You have to believe in the greater spirit - be it God or the universal spiritual desire for happiness. You truly must believe that love conquers all. You must believe that the light will overcome the darkness. If you cannot believe that, you too will become trapped in the darkness. You will be angry, frustrated, resentful and prone to violence. You will be your own terrorist.
We will never be able to walk down the street and know who the next terrorist might be. We will never be able to lock our borders or lock our doors and know that no terrorist will intrude. Our anger, frustration and resentment will never make us safe.
We have to love our world out of this anger. It starts right where we stand. Right where we are. What grudges are we holding in our own lives? You expect a terrorist to change - how about you and I? What bitter branch are you chewing?
If we want peace in the world, we each have to create peace in our corner of the world. Then we need to support those who are able to create greater peace in the world. We need to understand and comfort those who are angry and resentful in a way that leads to peace. We have to love each other out of bitterness. We have to start a new world. It starts right where we stand.

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