Sunday, November 22, 2015

Seeking the Constant

Consistency is the great challenge in the world. To be consistent in thought, word and deed. To be consistent in holding yourself to the same standard you hold someone else - that is the great challenge.
I ask myself often if I am consistent. Do I hold myself to the same level of standard I am holding the other person? Do I give in the manner I expect to be given? Do I love in the way I want to be loved? Do I forgive as I hope to be forgiven? Do I expect more from others than I expect from myself?
Am I consistent? Am I true to the values I espouse?
Do I place conditions? Am I conditionally consistent? Do I accept the same conditions to be placed on me?
I have failed. I have suffered. I have wronged. Should my failure, my suffering, my wrong be held differently?
Am I consistent? When I question myself, I find much greater capacity for compassion for others. I find that I expect FOR others in a greater context. "There but for the grace of god, go I."
There is one consistency that never fails - love and compassion.

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