Thursday, November 26, 2015

Spirit Walking

Spirit Walking...
Spirit is the place where connection resonates. Spirit walking means to live in connection with your self, with your surroundings, with those surrounding you, with those beyond your comprehension. Spirit walking is living in a deep belief in a divine connection with the universe - past, present and future. It is the deep understanding that nothing is beyond you, nothing is separate from you, nothing is apart from you. It is the deep understanding that you are part of everything in the universe. It is an awareness that you are a tiny spec in relation to the universe.
Spirit walking is the conviction that your tiny spec of existence can make a difference that influences the entire universe. Spirit walking is the understanding that you may not know how your tiny spec of influence sparks something but you are convicted to make it be a spark of positive change.
Spirit walking is about relationships - all relationships - every person, creature, thing. It's about a conviction to leave every person, creature, thing in a better place. It's about being purpose driven in every encounter, every act and in every thought. Spirit walking is about the determination to leave a tiny spec of hope in the universe that will resonate far beyond your expectations or understanding.
Spirit walking is about faith that your tiny spec of existence here is just the beginning of something more and is intricately tied to some past. It is beyond our understanding now and beyond our comprehension now, but if we have faith - if we believe in leaving hope - we will create cause for celebration.
Spirit Walking requires seeking connection first. First, we must seek connection with our own spirit within. That spirit within has the great understanding of the divine and universal spirit. It is imprinted in our own spirit from before our birth. The world is filled with noise that can overpower our ability to tune in. How do we know what is noise? If it causes us to feel disconnected to all people, all creatures, all things - it is noise. If it causes a "them and us" feeling, it is noise.
Spirit calls us into reconciliation and connection. Spirit is powerful with all who seek reconciliation and connection. Only love and compassion can create reconciliation and connection. Spirit drives love and compassion.
Spirit walking is the place where connection happens. We seek connection first. We lay down our fear. We lay down our resentment. We ignore all slight against us. We are resolute in our search for connection.

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