Sunday, November 8, 2015

Writing on...

Why do I write?
At some point in my young life I discovered that writing - words and tunes - provided a sort of release valve for expression of feelings I could not quite grasp but needed to explore somehow. Words grew important. I grew weary of spoken words floating around me that were ill thought and questionable in motive. Writing provided opportunity to carefully select the right words or to simply let them flood the page and then I could look at them for careful reflection.
All these years later, writing is still a release valve. More and more I find I need to write - just need to write. Then I go back - read the words - go back to what I wrote a year ago or 5 years ago and check myself. The words provide a measurement. The thoughts and expressions of feelings about issues or events helps to ground me and to check my compass. Was I - Am I - pointed in the right direction.
Those words from years ago through to now are a map. They foretell where I am going.
I write to map my present location and push myself to explore the next.
Writing is my adventure.

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