Thursday, November 12, 2015


At one time or another most of us have said "I hate drama". But that is only half true. Our lives are full of drama. Our lives are a drama. Who doesn't love watching a friend tackle the seemingly impossible thing and succeed?  We love watching a contest of endurance or competition. We LOVE drama.
We spend hours watching movies and TV shows. Even the news is now a drama show. We LOVE drama.
We love sharing our drama. We post on facebook. We twitter. We instagram our drama.
So, when we say "I hate drama", what do we really mean?
For some, it seems to mean "I hate people questioning me!"
For others, it seems to mean "I hate all the excitement over this?"
I'm a PG, Hallmark Channel, kind of person. I do tend to get excited over certain things though. Mostly, if I was asked to define "drama" it would be generating UN-neccessary trouble. But watch - trouble and conflict make the most popular drama.
If you "hate drama", the only thing to do is tune out of the drama you hate. Tune into the drama you like. It's all drama. It will go where we go.

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