Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Don't "Unfriend" people.

Don't "unfriend" people. Often there are posts on Facebook about purging and deleting people because of views they post. Or encouraging others to "unfriend" us if we are offending. There is no need for that.
I have "unfriended" people who posted a lot of cursing. But I've discovered a much better solution that is non-confrontational and will not lead to hurt feelings. "Unfollow" someone if their posts are disturbing you.
Why is that better? First, the person never knows. You are not offending them. Second, you leave the door open to allow yourself to read their posts when your heart is ready. None of us need fewer friends and it's important to experience other perspectives. But sometimes, it's more than we can handle. Before you cut ties, "unfollow". It gives you control without causing harm. You have now taken a path of passive resistance.
When your heart is ready, check in on that person. See what they are saying. Before you do, take time to recount why you are connected with them. Reflect on the things that are good and positive about that person. Consider why and how you are connected with them. Our connections are important. It's important for us to see the perspectives of others even if we don't agree with them.
Don't "unfriend" people. Give yourself and them time. Breath in and breath out. We're sharing the same air.
Here's how to "unfollow":
Go to your own wall.
Click on Friends.
Click on the name of the person.
Under the "Following" tab, click on "unfollowing".
Voila - their posts will no longer pop up in your news feed, but you can still put their name in your search and see what they post if you are ready. And don't be afraid to check in one them when your heart is ready. Meanwhile, work on getting your heart ready to see another's perspective. It won't hurt you, if your heart is in the right place.

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