Friday, November 18, 2016

Why I write...

We are our own creators. We create our world. We create the life we live.
Yes, there are external forces and others around us are creating something as well but we hold great power of our own. We control OUR thoughts, OUR words, and OUR actions. No one MAKES us do anything without our consent. We need to take responsibility for our own feelings, our own thoughts, our own words, our own actions.
I write to create. I write carefully to create my world. I write to keep myself focused on the direction I intend to act. I write to focus my thoughts, my words and my actions. The more I am processing my feelings, the more I write. Lately, I'm needing to write a lot.
I'm writing for clarity. I'm writing to stay on the path I know, in my spirit, is the right path for me. It gives me strength. It gives me hope. I share these things in hope that others will also be lifted but if no other living soul reads them, I will still write. The words are my prayers, my roadmap, and my vision. If they lift you as well, I am a thankful servant.

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