Thursday, November 17, 2016

My trump card...

Recently I was asked how I stay positive. "You make it look easy", he said. It isn't easy but it's easier than it was for me some years ago. I am tempted to make snarky remarks. I am tempted to poke someone in the eye now and again. And sometimes I cannot stop myself from simply asking "why" while knowing that single worded question will cause a frenzy.
I've had my moments of fixation on wrong and wrong doing. I had to make a conscience effort to disengage and, instead, focus all my energy on the positive. It doesn't mean I don't see it. It doesn't mean I don't desire to overcome it. It means I will not let "it" control me. I will not let "it" be central to my thoughts, words, or actions. I will not compromise myself for "it".
The more I hear of harm, the more I am determined to do good. The more I hear of hatred, the more I am determined to love. The more I hear of separation, the more I am determined to connect. The more I hear of hopelessness, the more I am determined to offer hope.
That whole idea of an "eye for an eye" just means that a whole lot of blind people will be running around. Perhaps there will be a last one-eyed person if none of the blind people figure out which eye he still has.
If you are fearful of the hate, be determined to love more. If you are fearful of the harm, be determined to do more good. If you are fearful of the separation, be determine to connect more. If you are feeling hopeless, find those who have hope. Be hope for someone else.
It's not easy. It requires conscious effort. It requires discipline.  It requires empathy.
You won't always get it right. You will face criticism. You may be mocked and called weak. But determination to do good, to love more, to connect more and to provide hope will always be the right choice to make. It will calm your spirit while raising your spirit to greater things.


  1. Love your comment about a lot of blind people running around. Yes, now we're talking. Now we're putting action behind those words. But just incase, I'm carrying GLITTER when I feel tempted to poke. And if you take a tooth for a tooth, you might find you're in West Virginia--sorry, its a P-A thing.

    1. Thanks but you just poked at West Virginia people. Get your glitter out. :-)

    2. Lolo, I don't know if you are aware of it but the first tooth brush was invented in West Virginia. Yep that is right, if it would have been invented anywhere else it would have been called a teeth brush. lol Mike McFetridge