Monday, November 14, 2016

Stand on the Rock!

We cannot allow seeds of hatred and anger to grow within us. When hatred and anger grow, we actually allow the thing that we hate to take hold within is. It will twist us into something more like the thing we hate than the cause we started with and believed was the opposite. Acting out of hatred and anger will always create more hatred and anger. That is what we are seeing play out.
Wherever hatred and anger grows, it will create more hatred and anger. The only thing that can negate it is an equal and opposite reaction. The sooner we intervene with an equal and opposite reaction, the less hatred and anger grows.
Many of us fear the rise of the types of nationalist, populist ideals that created WWII. Many would point to that war as an example of the case for war. I can understand the reasoning that there is a time for war. But I would argue that as a human race, we are failing to recognize the root causes. We are failing to learn to prevent the reasons for war. Our efforts should be focused on solutions long before the war seems eminent. An equal and opposite reaction to hatred and anger needs to be our focus long before the seeds of war have a chance to take hold. That time is NOW!
At this moment - right now - we need to read Gandhi, Martin Luther King, the teachings of Buddha and Jesus. We need to practice their teachings in our daily lives. We need to focus our energies as they taught us. We need to act and dedicate our lives as they did. This opposite reaction to hatred and anger will not just negate it - it will overcome it as we stand together in love and peace. This is our rock of salvation. It is the only hope for humankind. This is the action to take NOW.

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