Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Walk the other way....

Be fearless.
It is fear that divides us. It is fear that keeps us from reaching our full potential. It is fear that keeps us from trying to understand and to truly loving our neighbor. Be fearless.
Be determined to shine light and love everywhere you go.
We cannot do that if we are gripped by fear. Fear drives us to focus on the dark and dangerous. Fear drives us to work against something and not for something. We need to always keep ourselves pointed in the direction of love. If we focus our energies on a war with the dark and dangerous, we become dark and dangerous to our "enemy". We need no enemies. We need not be an enemy to anyone.
Within all of us lies a connection that binds us to all - every living soul - every object - every cell of everything we see, touch, smell, and experience. We are not apart from anything. Call that connection whatever you like - Mother Earth, Great Spirit, the Cosmos, the Universe. We are inextricably connected and what each of us does, matters to the whole in ways we cannot fathom.
Be fearless in your determination to shine the light of that wondrous connection in every way you can, wherever you can, however you can. Act out of that wonder and the love that grounds us, and we can be fearless. Don't give darkness any energy. The energy you allow yourself to feel, generates an energy in response. Don't feed it. Don't feed it within yourself and you will not be helping it grow. Go the other direction. Walk away from it, fearlessly.

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