Thursday, July 2, 2009


A few weeks ago an old college friend went kayaking with me and later emailed asking, "Are you always so quiet when you go kayaking?"  Not so long ago my brother came for dinner and soon remarked "It's too quiet here".   My Molly Mutt sits on the front porch with me and a neighbor commented, "she hardly ever barks."
I really do enjoy quiet a lot.  It can be wonderful to just be still and take in what is happening around you.  Our time on the front porch is a special time for Molly Mutt.  Her ears are perked up.  She sits at the top of the steps and just watches everything.  She sees the birds, the cars driving by, the people and their dogs and she just watches.  Now and again she'll do a subtle little buff - usually at a person without a dog, as if to ask where their friend has gone.  Or A little "hey - look at me".  
But we both can get our fill of quiet.  Neighbors tell me she sometimes howls the saddest crying sound when I am gone.  I have my own ways of howling when I've had enough of being alone.  But I can make phone calls and drive.  Molly Mutt hasn't mastered either of those yet.
It's all about balance, I think.  I'm suspicious of anyone who cannot stand silence and being alone.  But I'm equally suspicious of anyone who only wants silence and being alone.
We need to be somewhat self contained and somewhat social.  Keeping a good balance is important.

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