Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I cannot help but believe in the best in people.  Call me naive.  Call me Pollyanna.  Call me an optimist.  I just can't stop believing.  I can look at a criminal and see the pain they must have endured that drove them to make outrageous decisions.  
I'm over 50 years old - a woman - a lesbian - and I have been kicked in the teeth as much, if not more than anyone - and I still believe.  I refuse to be jaded.  I refuse to be convinced that anyone is completely beyond hope.  I just believe that deep beneath the surface, sometimes deeper than imagined, there is always good.  I refuse to believe that anyone or anything is inherently evil.  Everyone has the potential for good.  Everything has the potential for good.  Every terrible thing can be converted somehow.
I do not want to change that belief.  It is the core of my hope for the world around me.  And I do not want to abandon hope.
But a huge part of that hope is to insist on the best.  It is a difficult path.  And I have to start with myself, then my closest circle, then my next closest....  First I have to believe it is possible - possible for me - possible for my closest circle - possible for my next....

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  1. Believing that there is good in people is something God wants all of us to do. Don't feel that you are naive, we all need to be like that, even if it's just a small part of us, we all need to believe there is good out there and in people. I used to believe the worst of someone until I had the guts to forgive him.