Friday, July 10, 2009

How many secrets do you keep? Underground

How many secrets do you have?  That may seem like an odd question to those who maintain a simple life.  In disfunctional worlds, there are lots of secrets.  
Gay people keeping "beards" and pretending to be straight.  Black people "passing" as white.  Married people passing as faithful.  Business people passing as honest.  How many secrets???
As we look at all the dramas of the world, it usually comes down to this.  How many secrets?
Are you leading person A to believe something different than person B and working to keep person A and B from talking directly?  Are you trying to hid information from everyone?
How about just being transparent?  If you are ever in a position to try to determine truth, don't go to person C to find out what A and B meant or did.  Go to A and B.
In a disfunctional world, there will always be strange triangles of information.  That disfunctional person will go to great lengths to keep you from going straight to the source.  Go to the source folks!!  And if someone acts like it's a big secret or emotional drama, be suspicious.   

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