Monday, July 20, 2009

We Invest

We all invest in the world around us.  We do it by the choices we make - the products we buy - the businesses we frequent - the organizations we support.  Your choice to buy a carpet from the local independent guy instead of the huge department store may seem small to you, but it's a lifeline for the local independent guy.
Take a moment to think about the local, home grown businesses that are gone now.  I'm sad that the local hardware store is gone where I could buy nuts and bolts by the pound.  I was sad when the meat market on Liberty Street closed and perhaps that influenced my decision to stick to a more vegetarian diet.
Maybe I didn't support those businesses enough.  Maybe I didn't invest enough in their day to day livelihood.  And I have lost something as a result.
What do you want to see continue in your neighborhood?  Are you investing in that future?  
There are day to day stuggles - real challenges facing small businesses every day.  Are you investing?  And like every investment you make, are you ensuring that you are as informed as you can be?  
Once upon a time, a guy told me "choosing to do nothing is a choice".  I will take that further - invest nothing and you will get nothing in return.  And maybe you will get less than nothing - you will loose a possibility for the future.  
It's tough to watch our neighbor's struggle.  It's tough to know how far to invest with our local business people and when to speak up when we see challenges.  Speak up.  Be informed.  Invest.  It matters.  If you are approaching it all with a sincere goal of lifting everyone up, you are on the right track.  It is your business - your neighborhood - your community.  Invest!

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