Monday, July 27, 2009

What would you do?

There's a show on ABC called "What would you do?"  I've caught a few episodes and find it interesting how people react to situations of bigotry, thieving, verbal abuse, etc.  Actors set up specific situations just to see how by-standers will respond.
What would you do?  We all like to believe we would do the right thing when confronted with an injustice but very often we waiver.  It's understandable in some ways.  How many times have you been told to mind your own business?  And how many times has someone wrongly interfered in your business?
How do we draw those lines?  Would you walk past a dog or baby left in a hot car with the windows up?  Would you speak up if you saw a cashier giving a blind person the wrong change?
If you witness someone being mistreated, what do you do?
How do we decide when to intercede and when not to intercede?  
It really depends on your tolerance for injustice.  It goes back to what our parents and grand parents warning us about spending time with the bad crowd.  You grow a tolerance for bullshit.  You begin to overlook and accept things that you should not.  And if it continues, you could wind up doing things that you should not.
My tolerance meter changes a lot by whom I choose to surround me.  Hopefully, I will continue to be extremely picky.  And, as a result, what I will do in given situations will be very clear.

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